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GTBank holds pre-event cocktail ahead of its fashion weekend



GTBank Fashion Weekend is a runway show which celebrates entrepreneurship and fashion. It kicked off its pre-event cocktail yesterday.

Toke Makinwa

Fashionistos, enthusiasts, and fashionistas in the industry are preparing for a fashion-forward in a couple of days.

The event held at the Art 21 Gallery in Eko Hotel.

Beverly Naya, BamBam, Mai Atafo, Tania Omotayo, Michelle Dede, Toke Makinwa, Cobhams Asuquo, Ik Osakioduwa, and other celebrities were present at the event.

Seyi Shay

Bella Adeleke

Ik Osakioduwa

Ik Osakioduwa





Beverly Naya

Mimi Onalaja


Toni Tones

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Entertainment & Lifestyle

COZA: Police Invite Busola Dakolo, for Questioning on Criminal Conspiracy



There appears to be a new twist to the rape allegation against the senior pastor at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), Biodun Fatoyinbo, by celebrity photographer, Busola Dakolo. The Nigeria Police have formally invited Busola’s husband, Timi Dakolo, for questioning on what the police called a criminal conspiracy, falsehood, mischief, and a threat to life.

The letter to Mr. Dakolo from the police, inviting him for a session, signed by Mr. Kolo Yusuf, a Deputy Commissioner of Police with the Inspector General of Police Tactical Squad, Force Headquarters, Abuja, was dated July 18, 2019. In the letter, the police directed Mr. Dakolo to report for interrogation on Tuesday, July 23, 2019, at 10 o’clock for “fact findings”.

Last month, Mrs. Dakolo made some serious criminal allegations about Fatoyinbo, where she accused him of raping her as a minor. But the pastor has since denied all the allegations, saying he has never raped in his life. He stepped down under pressure from his position as senior pastor amid public protests by women groups.

Her husband, Timi, had also accused Fatoyinbo of allegedly taking undue advantage of women at COZA, and leaving them emotionally broken. He had begun a campaign against such acts long before his wife granted the now controversial interview.

However, the allegation has remained polarising. While some people are willing to give the pastor the benefit of the doubt, others believe the pastor is guilty as charged.

Meanwhile, ahead of Mr. Dakolo’s Tuesday visit to the police, the singer alleged that some policemen had been stationed in front of his house for reasons unknown to him, saying their sight is scary. He shared the development via his Instagram page, thus, “Strange men at the house with guns.”

Sources claimed the policemen were about three. Although there is no official information yet on the situation at Dakolo’s residence, sources say the police presence may not be unconnected with his planned questioning.

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Entertainment & Lifestyle

Wizkid in another babymama drama



Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid’s manager and the mother of his third child, Jada Pollock has accused him allegedly of domestic violence. Pollock made the allegations on Wednesday when she announced their split. She alleged that the singer hit her multiple times during the relationship.

She wrote on Instagram @_jada.p, “From today, Ayo and I will no longer work together. I have been in an abusive relationship with him for years. Covering up for his time and time again and I am tired.

“Wiz continuously puts his hands on me, leaves me with bruises that I cover up from the world, including my friends and family.

“It often feels like we are at war in the same house. I have done all I can to keep this all together but from today, I let go.

“You can support someone as much as you can but at some point, you have to value yourself. I can’t raise my son in this kind of unhealthy environment,” Pollock said.

Wizkid’s relationship with Pollock began on professional terms before the arrival of their child causing rifts between the mothers of his children.

In May 2018, the relationship between the mothers of Wizkid’s second and third children reached an all-time low.

They were both caught up in a social media rift after Pollock praised the father of her child for being such an amazing father.

Pollock is an entertainment veteran also known as Jada Styles.

She is the head of her consulting business firm she shared with African football star Didier Drogba.

She is responsible for the branding of many affluent and prominent football players.

The daily star and West London Living once referred to her as a highly acclaimed image guru.

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Travel & Tourism

Largest Man-Made Lakes in the World



Man-made water-bodies are formed by constructing a dam across a flowing river in order to regulate the flow of water. These are known as reservoirs. These artificial lakes are constructed to store water for power generation, irrigation, and can be put to domestic and industrial use.

Dams could also be made on an outlet channel of a naturally occurring lake to provide better control of the water level in the lake. Such types of constructions typically maintain the natural characteristics of the lake, and examples of such constructions include Lake Tahoe in the US and Lake Victoria in East Africa. Human-made lakes are found mainly in regions having limited natural lakes or where the lakes are not suitable for human water needs. Here we take a look at some of the Largest Man-Made Lakes In The World


Kariba dam is the largest man-made lake in the world. Located in Zambia and Zimbabwe, it can hold up to 180.6 cubic kilometers of water. It was constructed in 1959 on river Zambezi and has a height of 420 feet and a width of 1900 feet. Lake Kariba extends for 170 miles. The primary purpose of the dam is to generate electricity and supplies about 1626 megawatts of electricity to Zambia and Zimbabwe. When the dam was constructed there was resettlement or approximately 57,000 people who were living in the area on both countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Lake Kariba controls about 90% of the total runoff of river Zambezi and has directly affected the ecology significantly in the downstream. Between 1958 and 1961 the wildlife rescue operation on river Zambezi captured about 6,000 large animals and several other small animals that were facing a threat from the rising water on the lake. In 2008 it was reported that the heavy rains could force the release of water from the dam which would affect at least 50,000 people who were living downstream. In 2010, the floodgates of the dam were opened because of the rising water on the reservoir, and this forced evacuation of about 130,000 people who were living in the floodplains. In 2014 engineers from the Zambezi river authority warned the foundation of the dam had weakened and needed repairs.


The Akosombo dam is also known as Volta Dam, and it is a hydro-electric generating plant on Volta River in Ghana. The Akosombo dam is the largest human-made lake in the world by surface area which is approximately 3,283 square miles and accounts for 3.6% of the land area of the whole of Ghana. However, by volume size, it is the third largest after the Bratsk reservoir in Russia. Akosombo dam has a volume of 150 cubic kilometers, and the main purpose of the dam is to provide electricity, and its original output was 912 megawatts, which was later upgraded in 2006 to 1020 megawatts. The flooding that created Lake Volta reservoir had a substantial environmental impact and displaced many people. The Akosombo dam supplies electricity to Ghana and other neighboring countries in West Africa like Benin and Togo. At the time of commissioning 20% output of the dam was serving 70% of the country’s demand, while the 80% was reserved for Volta Aluminium Company (VALCO).


Manicouagan Reservoir in Canada is multiple buttress dam, and it was constructed on Manicouagan River stretching 133 miles. The construction of the dam began in 1959 and by 1970, and the primary purpose for the dam is to generate electricity and supplying water to the powerhouses. It has the capacity of 2,596 megawatts. The dam is the fourth largest in volume holding capacity of 141.8 cubic kilometers. The project is owned and operated by Hydro Quebec.


Lake Nasser is a reservoir located in the south of Egypt. The lake is approximately 341 miles long and 22 miles wide at its widest part. This man-made lake has a surface area of 2,030 square miles. The deepest part of this lake measures 600 feet. The majority of the lake lies in Egypt, but a section of the reservoir is also located in Sudan. The Sudanese refer to the body of water as Lake Nubia.


Bratsk Reservoir

The Bratsk Reservoir was constructed in Russia, on the Angara River, in 1967. This enormous body of water covers more than 2,110 square miles and is named after the nearby city of Bratsk.

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Vatican contemplating married men as priests



The Vatican has formally opened debate on letting married men be ordained as priests in remote parts of the Amazon where priests are so few that Catholics can go weeks or months without attending a Mass.

Pope Francis

The call for study on the proposal was contained in the working document, released on Monday, for an October meeting of South American bishops on the Amazon.

The document, prepared by the Vatican based on input from the region, affirmed that celibacy is a gift for the Catholic Church.

But it suggested officials study “the possibility of priestly ordination for older men, preferably indigenous and respected and accepted by their communities, even if they have stable families, for the region’s most remote areas”.

The idea of ordaining so-called “viri probati” – married men of proven virtue – has been around for decades to cope with a priest shortage and decline in vocations overall.

But it has drawn fresh attention under Pope Francis, history’s first Latin American pope, thanks to his familiarity with the challenges facing the Amazon church.

The October 6-27 meeting on the sacramental and environmental needs of the Amazon will draw bishops from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

Brazil’s bishops have long pushed for the Church to consider ordaining viri probati to minister in remote parts of the Amazon where by some estimates there is one priest for every 10,000 Catholics.

The celibacy question has been a mainstay in Catholic debate given it is a discipline, not a doctrine, and therefore can change.

The Church has had the tradition since the 11th century, imposed in part to spare the Church the financial burdens of providing for large families and to ensure that any assets of the priest would pass to the Church, not his heirs.

Proponents of a relaxation of the rule say more men would consider a vocation to the priesthood if they could marry, a surefire fix to the decline in priests globally.

Opponents say relaxing the rule for the Amazon will certainly fuel calls for it to be relaxed elsewhere.

Already, married men can be ordained in the Eastern rite Catholic Church and married men who convert from Protestant churches can be Catholic priests.

In addition to ordaining married men, the document called for the synod to identify “the type of official ministry that can be conferred on women”.

It said women, who already play important roles in indigenous communities, must be guaranteed leadership roles.

But it stopped short of recommending debate on whether women could be ordained as deacons.

One of the organisers, Monsignor Fabio Fabene, said the female diaconate was essentially off the table since Francis has recently determined that the issue needs further discussion.

Overall, the synod bishops are expected to debate a host of measures to better minister to indigenous and migrant communities in the Amazon amid deforestation and exploitative industries and competition for souls from Pentecostal churches, which are more present in the region with indigenous, local leaders.

The Vatican’s working document acknowledged this competition, saying the Catholic Church must transition from being a church that merely visits vast regions to one that has a full-time presence with ministries, liturgies, sacraments and social services.

It called for a Church that has a more indigenous face, with local songs, dance, costumes and the Bible translated into various languages.

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