Instagram Introduces ‘Add Yours’ Template for Stories: A New Feature Unveiled

Instagram has unveiled a fresh feature titled ‘Add Yours,’ marking a new approach to Stories by enabling users to craft personalized templates. This recent addition allows individuals to curate templates integrating GIFs, texts, and images, providing a customizable framework for others to engage with.

The announcement, made on December 15, signifies a global rollout of this feature, amplifying the creative scope of Instagram Stories.

To create an ‘Add Yours’ template, users initiate the process by composing a Story and incorporating various elements like GIFs, custom texts, or images sourced from the gallery. Upon selecting the ‘Add Yours Templates’ sticker, individuals can designate the elements they wish to embed within the Story template.

It’s important to note that once an individual shares an ‘Add Yours’ template, others can contribute to it by adding their unique elements. However, the template’s original uploader retains the exclusivity of sharing it.

For users interested in utilizing someone else’s ‘Add Yours’ template, a simple tap on the ‘Add Yours’ prompt within the Story directs them to the ‘Camera.’ Here, they can view and modify the template elements, inserting their text, images, and GIFs. The ‘Faces’ feature accompanying the sticker displays contributors who have added to the template.

This ‘Add Yours’ feature marks the third recent addition from Instagram, reflecting Meta’s innovation strategy for the platform. Alongside this unveiling, Instagram introduced video Notes and an AI-powered tool named ‘Backdrop’ last week, further enhancing the app’s creative offerings.