AI and the Smartphone Market: Future Predictions from Industry Giants

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) to smartphones could bring about a significant shift in the market: what might happen

Over time, smartphones have undergone significant evolution, with the introduction of increasingly advanced features and the use of innovative and high-quality materials for their construction. However, artificial intelligence is set to bring another substantial change to the market in the near future.

According to various industry experts, particularly those involved in production, AI will have a strong presence on people’s mobile devices, enhancing their utility and giving a new boost to the market. For this reason, many major companies, including Samsung and Google, are looking to enhance AI-based functionalities.

Smartphones and Artificial Intelligence: Potential Features
Most smartphone models that will hit the market in the near future will integrate artificial intelligence algorithms, allowing for numerous advanced features that, according to manufacturers, will have an irresistible appeal to consumers.

Specifically, this includes instant translation of conversations between people speaking different languages and quick summaries of exchanges, high-quality photo captures, and fast and powerful image editing.

On images, it will be possible to perform high-precision work, resizing, moving, or eliminating people and objects within the captured photograph. Some functionalities, like Samsung’s Chat Assist or Google’s Magic Compose, could be used to adjust the tone of voice in messages based on the recipient, switching from informal to professional.

The first examples of these new devices leveraging artificial intelligence are already on the market, such as the new Samsung Galaxy S24.

Smartphones and AI: Market Impact
All these features were clearly highlighted during the Mobile World Congress, a fair dedicated to mobile devices and mobile technology currently taking place in Barcelona, Spain. It has seen participation from all the major companies in the sector, which have clearly expressed their intention to focus more on developing AI-based functionalities.

Extraordinary results are expected, which aim to counterbalance the recent decline in mobile device sales, particularly in 2023, reaching peaks like those achieved between 2010 and 2015, a golden five-year period for the sector.